Hello, I am Paul Yashchuk. In the past 8 years or so I built numerous websites, complete platforms and product lines for companies and individuals in fashion industry, music, marketing, business listing and affiliate marketing niches.

I built projects for Camilla Staerk, Nicola Farmichetti, Kevin Kollenda and worked as the principal developer at Single Platform, Section 101, and DrumZa Inc, building new product, new product line and a complete platform for each one of them respectively.


My latest project is eez.io. For eez.io I built a ground up multi-channel, multi-admin e-commerce platform with a very unique UI that unveils completely new levels of user/software interactivity, while making all the front end processes extremely simple and extremely efficient.

I like working with classic LAMP environment, running Red Hat or CentOS, and have a huge respect for fundamentals and simplicity. I like building things ground up whenever possible.
I like code that is stable, has minimum dependencies, maximum speed and straight forward logic. My philosophy about programming and code in general is simple: the cleaner the code is, the cleaner will be its execution, and the faster will be its debugging.

I have put together a list of some of the most notable projects I have worked on, along with an online demo and some code samples from my previous projects. Please feel right at home to browse through the site to check them out.
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